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About Us

Our Origin

We started off as a group of friends drifting tragically away from youthfulness whilst desperately trying to cling on to some sort of semblance of a meaningful social group. As people get older the pressures of work and the joys and demands of family life seem to leave most with less and less time to socialise and maintain friendships.

Historically and most triumphantly our Urmstonian generation (Mainly 1973/6) was an absolute barmy bunch – Riff Raff! Growing up the spirit encapsulated within our fairly large group was quite unique, characters one and all.

So we came up with a plan to keep bringing the gang back together and to keep on being silly into our forties and beyond.

We also agreed that our main focus should be fundraising for local worthy causes with the onus on giving directly to the local recipients rather than filtering away monies through any of the large charitable organisations. So that is how we roll.

Since 2011 we have been hosting party functions/Gigs and raising sporting sponsorship as a small unregistered charity.

Our functions/parties are renowned for their great energy, attention to detail & value for money as we don’t wish to exclude anybody from being able to attend.

We have also built a reputation for inspiring local loonies to attempt a whole range of madcap sporting endeavours and challenges in our name. All of our fundraisers become honorary members of ‘Team Nutbar!’ and we vow to make their achievements all the more memorable by supporting them in our own unique way.

Since being established in 2011 The Riff Raff collective has grown and grown. We are bringing our community closer and closer together all the time as we try to inspire more and more people to contribute and share our vision to help them look after their own.

We have established a committee of five unpaid trustees who work together to maximise our do-gooding potential and remain committed to helping local people who are facing challenging situations and circumstances.