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Riff Raff Board Room

The Riff Raff Team

Once a Riff Raff Grant Application Comes in via the website one of the following Trustee’s interview the applicant to gather all the details of the applicants request and circumstance and report back to the board who in turn take a vote on whether to agree a funding campaign grant.

Our Team of Trustees

Martin Green

Our Co-Founder & Inspirational Leader

Joanna Green

Common Sense Department & Social Secretary

Gavin Armitage

Our slightly Less Inspirational Co-Founder

Steve Price


Riff Raff Treasurer Steve Completed The U.K Ironman in 2012 to raise funds via the Society for Amber Morris (Cerebral Palsy). Since then Steve has become a fully committed Riff Raffian, a major fundraiser and a spirited socialite.

Lee Race

From day one Lee has been our most committed fundraiser and has taken part in a record number of sporting events to fundraise for the Society raising thousands of ponds along the way. Lee is committed to helping local people directly and is a very valued member of the board.

Julie Race

Julie has organised various Riff Raff functions for The Society and has been a massive advocate of the organisation. Julie knows how to party!

Stephen Tanswell

Riff Raff Champion Boxer Stephen has brought great energy and idea’s to the organisation. Stephen has established our annual Football Tournament and has great links to local business.

Ian Brown


Former benefactor (Son Thomas – Various Learning Difficulties)
Ian recognised the great benefit the Society brings to Greater Manchester after benefitting from a campaign to raise funds to purchase life enhancing equipment for his son.

Since then Ian has completed a very profitable parachute jump for Ailsa Malcolm Hutton (MND) and has joined the board with the intention of helping others in similar challenging situations to his own.